Chef of World’s Best Restaurant, Noma, Talks Shop


NEW YORK — It looks like chef René Redzepi — who runs the newly named “Best Restaurant in the World,” Copenhagen’s Noma — is enjoying the last laugh, after earning his spot on Restaurant magazine’s influential list after being teased by his peers for opening a Nordic-concept restaurant.

“When I would see colleagues at various conventions or dinners they would say, ‘I heard you’sre opening a restaurant and doing something Scandinavian. That’s a joke, right? What are you going to call it, The Stinky Whale?,’s ” Redzepi tells the The Wall Street Journal, in a recent Q&A, released in a run up to the release of his first English-language cookbook in the fall.

Redzepi also discusses what it was like to work with Ferran Adrià of elBulli in Spain and the dangers and difficulties of sourcing ingredients from Denmark’s wild plants, herbs and roots.

For the Journal’s complete Q&A, click here.


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