Chef Reportedly Stabs Patron with Skewer


TORONTO — In the latest incident of foodservice operators showing aggression to ungrateful customers, a chef has reportedly stabbed a patron with a skewer in Australia following a complaint about the service, according to an Aussie police statement.

This is the second recent incident where a chef has publicly shown displeasure with a patron’s complaints or ungrateful behaviour in their restaurant. Earlier this month, Jenn Agg an owner of popular Toronto restaurant The Black Hoof tweeted: “dear (almost) everyone in here right now. Please, please stop being such a douche.” Agg was voicing her frustrations about a number of patrons being rude to the staff.

While, the Australian chef was subsequently charged with reckless wounding, Agg has received numerous tweets either condoning her behaviour or voicing concern over her restaurant’s customer service.

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