Chefdrop Partners with Foodchain


TORONTO — Chefdrop has partnered with Montreal-based restaurant, Foodchain on a variety of vegetable-forward meal kits overseen by chef Charles-Antoine Crete. Since 2017, Foodchain has served healthy, vegan meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Through this partnership, the following meal kits are available: Smoky Vegan Chilli, made with eggplant, sweet potato, kimchi and tonkatsu; Coconut Curry, made with eggplant, potato and lentils; Kohlrabi Hummus Salad, made with a mixture of roots and vegetables and topped with a herb and citrus dressing; and Carrot Coconut Salad, made with carrots, green cabbage, endives, shallots, quinoa, kale and topped with Thai basil, parsley coconut shreds and turmeric dressing.

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