Chefs Are In Demand In Alberta Workforce


EDMONTON — According to the “Short-Term Employment Forecast (STEF) Results 2014-2016,” released by the Alberta government, chefs are among the 31 most in-demand workers.

The forecast provides a three-year overview of occupations expected to be in demand during the aforementioned period. STEF examines 260 occupations and ranks them into the following demand categories: high, moderately high, medium and low.

These results can help stakeholders make informed decisions to either avert or ease potential imbalances. They can be used by the Alberta government to legislate effective labour policy by educational institutions to develop programs that are more responsive to market needs, by youth to make informed education and career decisions, and by newcomers so they can become aware of the opportunities in Alberta.

Other high-demand jobs on the list include sales/marketing/advertising managers, accommodation service managers, mechanical and civil engineers, computer network technicians, welders and construction estimators.

The 10-year outlook forecasts that Alberta will create 407,000 new jobs and 311,000 people will join the workforce by 2023.

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