Chef’s-Eye View


Chef D of ChefD TV and owner of Chef D Pizza in Kitchener, Ont. in conversation about HORMEL PREMORO® crumble toppings

Q: What were your first impressions when you tried HORMEL PREMORO® crumble toppings?

A: When I first tried them, I discovered they performed much better than I expected. I found they were a good substitute when looking for less-expensive ingredients. If you’re putting out buffets or doing power bowls, for example, they’re a great way to keep costs within a comfortable price range without sacrificing taste.

Q: How can HORMEL PREMORO® help foodservice operations?

A: The crumbles are an excellent substitution when you’re looking to reduce costs. In catering or buffet operations especially, where contracts don’t allow for price increases, they’re a great alternative. I believe anybody that is in contract catering could benefit from using them.

Q: What new trends are the right fit for HORMEL PREMORO® crumbles?

A: These crumbles fit very nicely into where the industry is going now in terms of menu trends. For example, we’re seeing a lot more demand for handhelds now. These crumbles are truly made for those types of applications. So far, I have also found they worked very well on salads, omelettes and frittatas.

Q: What other advantages do they offer?

A: They’re ready to use right out of the bag, which is important at a time when food safety is more important than it ever has been. So are speed and convenience. HORMEL PREMORO® crumbles really play into fast-food and catering operations because they’re ready to use and provide a viable option that helps improve your margins.

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