Chicago Metallic Bakeware Acquires Lockwood Manufacturing, Robert Bundy Named Managing Director


Urbana, OH Gil Bundy, President, Chicago Metallic Bakeware recently announce the acquisition of  Lockwood Manufacturing.  Chicago Metallic Bakeware has assumed management of the stock pan business and the Lockwood glaze plants will now be operated by PanGlo.  Both the Chicago Metallic and PanGlo operations will be overseen by Robert Bundy who has been appointed Managing Director for the Canadian plants.

The company plans to upgrade all glaze plants including updating equipment, switching to AMERICOAT Plus silicone release coating and establishing PanGlo service standards.   Canadian customers will also have access to new stock pan selections from Chicago Metallic through the Brantford, Ontario warehouse.

Bundy commented, “We are thrilled with this new venture and the opportunity to build lasting relationships in the Canadian market and we look forward to offering these bakeries the benefits of our products and services.”

Custom made baking pan customers of Lockwood will be served by American Pan, the world’s leading manufacturing of custom industrial baking pans.

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