Chick-fil-A Lands in Canada


CALGARY — Southern chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A has returned to Canada after a long hiatus, opening its first unit in nearly two decades in the Calgary International Airport.

The Atlanta, Ga.-based chain is known for its chicken breast sandwiches, wraps, salads and sweet iced teas. “We were in Canada in 1995 and learned a lot through that experience, but we weren’t open very long and now we have an opportunity to work with our business partner HmsHost and open this new location,” Cheryl Dick, senior director of Operations for licensing told the Calgary Sun.

The chain was the focus of controversy two years ago after its COO made public comments opposing same-sex marriage, which was followed by a series of boycotts from LGBT rights activists. The chain’s PR rep told the newspaper she doesn’t predict the controversy will follow the chain to Canada. “As a restaurant company, we are really focused on the foodservice and the hospitality, and so we are going to strive to make it a welcoming place for everyone that wants a great meal,” said Brenda Morrow.


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