Chicken Farmers of Canada: Communicating What’s on the Plate


As consumer expectations continue to shift, foodservice operators must ensure that they are meeting this demand.

But, in addition to this, they must also ensure these efforts are communicated to the customer. Using menu callouts and value-add marks, such as local-product logos, is an effective strategy for communicating the values and practices behind their meal to diners.

“People care deeply about their food, about knowing where it comes from,” explains Lisa Bishop-Spencer, Director of Brand & Communications, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC). “The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand stands for not only sustainability excellence, but high standards in both animal care and food safety. These are the assurances that foodservice companies can then promote to their customers.”

And, given that, as Bishop-Spencer points out, chicken is “the number-1 dinner choice for Canadian families,” use of the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo helps assure Canadians that their dining decision is an informed and responsible one.

“Chefs and restaurateurs have a big role to play in informing their customers about where their food comes from and the commitments of their Canadian farmers,” says Bishop-Spencer. “By carrying the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo in your restaurant(s), you can assure Canadians that their chicken was raised right here in Canada, by responsible farmers that adhere to strict national food safety and animal care standards.”

This is especially valuable given that recent research from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity indicates farmers are the most trusted representatives of Canada’s food system — superseding foodservice, government, and university researchers. “Foodservice operators can use this to both deliver on public trust and tell a truly Canadian success story,” she adds.

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