Chipotle to Open Second Toronto Restaurant


TORONTO — The first Chipotle Mexican Grill to open in Toronto was an immediate hit, so it’s not surprising the incredibly popular Denver-based chain — which boasts 1,000-plus units — would be keen on opening a second Hogtown location as soon as possible.

Well, it’s good news for Chipotle fans in Toronto, as the burrito chain will be serving its signature burritos, tacos, salads and bowls at 2323 Yonge St., (in the Yonge and Roehampton area, just north of Eglinton.) starting July 28.

Unlike most other fast-food outlets, Chipotle offers customers fresh, premium-quality food sourcd from sustainable producers. For instance, the meats it uses are naturally raised in a humane way, never given antibiotics or hormones and fed a pure vegetarian diet. Its pork is from DuBreton farm in Quebec, and the beef and chicken comes from Beretta Farms, located just outside of Toronto. Chipotle also purchases produce from local growers when it is seasonally available.

“We are changing the way the world thinks about and eats fast food,” said Steve Ells, Chipotle founder, chairman and CEO, in a press release. “There was a time when only the most demanding chefs in the best restaurants were using the same quality of food we are using, but we’re committed to making better food affordable and accessible so everyone can eat better.”

All of the fresh food is prepared in view of customers and there are no freezers, microwaves or can openers onsite. Customers can customize their orders from a wide variety of ingredients, including cilantro-lime rice, whole black or pinto beans, grilled or braised marinated meats, freshly grilled vegetables, house-made guacamole, freshly grated cheese, sour cream and a choice of fresh salsas.


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