Church’s Texas Chicken to Open 40 Restaurants in Canada in 2022


ATLANTA — Church’s Texas Chicken is continuing to grow its footprint in Canada, with 20 new restaurants set to open by the end of 2021 and 40 additional restaurants in 2022. In fact, Canada is one of the top-three markets for Church’s Texas Chicken and it’s the longest-served market outside of the U.S.

Church’s Texas Chicken has also upgraded some existing restaurants to include the latest designs and technologies. The company currently has locations in B.C., Alberta and Ontario.

“We entered Canada in 1978, and our commitment to the market has proven to be fruitful,” says Brian Gies, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Church’s Texas Chicken. “Over the years, our neighbours to the north have demonstrated their love for our bold legendary Texas flavours, and we’re proud to be able to share our savory dishes with even more Canadians residents and visitors thanks to the dedication and efforts of our franchisees.”

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