Class-Action Lawsuit Launched Against XL Foods


EDMONTON — An Edmonton man who allegedly became ill after eating meat contaminated with E. coli produced by XL Foods has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the company that is in the middle of what’s purported to be one of the largest food recalls in Canadian history.

“It doesn’st seem like anybody is being held responsible at this point,” the claimant, Matthew Harrison, told CTV News. “It seems like there was some negligence in the way it was handled.”

According to reports, Harrison consumed tainted meat, bought at an Edmonton Costco, at friend’s home on Sept. 5 and was subsequently hospitalized for several days, missing work. Alberta Health Services is investigating 10 E. coli cases. So far five E. coli cases have been linked to beef produced by XL foods.

A class-action lawsuit against XL foods must be certified by a judge before it can proceed.

Meanwhile, the meat recall has been expanded to 1,500 products and includes every province and territory as well as 40 states in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The expanded recall list now includes cuts of steaks and roasts, stewing beef and beef breakfast sausage. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has temporarily closed XL foods plant in Alberta.

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