Clearwater Launches Branding Initiative


clearwaterlobsterbrand2BEDFORD, N.S. — As the demand for quality seafood continues to climb, Clearwater Seafoods has stepped into the spotlight, announcing plans to brand its lobster stock.

Originally, the seafood supplier wanted to create a way to differentiate its sustainably harvested Nova Scotia lobster. “In today’s crowded global marketplace if you have a superior product, you need to do everything possible to stand apart from the crowd,” explains Ian Smith, Clearwater’s CEO.

The answer is a plastic sleeve that will slide over one of the lobster’s banded claws, providing a safe and humane way for Clearwater to mark its live product. Patents are pending, but the designs are complete and the initiative was launched this week. The first branded lobsters are earmarked for China, just in time for Chinese New Year.

“We’sre very excited about this branding initiative and the China launch,” says Alice Tam, director of Sales for China. “What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a lobster that delivers exceptional quality and value?”

Photo courtesy of Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership.

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