Clearwater Launches New Website


clearwaterwebsite2BEDFORD, N.S. — As consumers’ appetite for information continues to grow, Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership has launched a more interactive and information-rich website, geared to restaurant chefs and retail businesses looking for wild, natural, sustainable, reliable, food-safe seafood.

“The new site more accurately reflects the exceptional value Clearwater offers to our customers around the world,” says Rick Betz, Clearwater’s executive vice-president of Sales & Marketing. “It isn’st enough to sell them a product. For true customer relevance and customer sustainability today, you have to provide ‘solutions.’s For us this means providing culinary and promotional support, including menu solutions for how to add our products to [restaurant menus].”

As part of that solution, the site feature interactive areas such as the Ask the Chef page, where Clearwater’s culinary consultant, Chef Stefan Czapalay, responds to questions.

The company URL also boasts a Vessel Tracking tool, which allows users to access a global map, tracking Clearwater’s fleet of 14 vessels in real time with information on sailing and landing dates. “We think it provides value in a couple of ways. First, for the families and loved ones of our crew, it provides a sense of connection,” explains Mike Pittman, vice-president of Fleet Operations. “Secondly, it’s a good reminder to our customers that we are vertically integrated. We own the vessels and we personally fish the product. We know what’s available, how it’s harvested and the care and consideration regarding sustainability of the resource and ecosystem because we’sre doing it all ourselves.”

Photo courtesy of Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership.

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