CloudChefs Launches COVID-19 Restaurant-Relief Program


TORONTO — The team at CloudChefs is working to transform local restaurants into virtual restaurant hubs without effecting current operations.

According to a recent survey by Restaurants Canada, one in 10 restaurants have closed since COVID-19 began, and that number is expected to double in the near future.

To support the struggling restaurant industry, CloudChefs is offering its menus and brands to restaurants in need of an immediate boost in sales. These established brands are available at no cost and include support in marketing, inventory, hands-on training, and complete setup and management across multiple takeout and delivery platforms.

To qualify for CloudChefs’ Relief Program at no cost, all that is required of the owner is to have a proper physical location, two or more staff on hand, along with basic storage and cooking equipment. Interested restaurants can apply at

“Restaurants need to realize that the old business model of generating revenue primarily through dine-in no longer exists,” says Aly Karmali, partner, CloudChefs. “As restrictions ease, restaurants will be able to generate part of their income through traditional means, however, this will have to be accompanied by other revenue-generating streams in order to turn a profit. The problem, however, is that such changes usually require substantial costs, inherent risks and, ultimately, venturing into the unknown.”

Ahmed Shuaib and Karmali partnered to leverage their respective expertise in digital marketing and food preparation to start building out virtual kitchens across Ontario. Within a few months, they successfully built a number of profitable virtual restaurant brands with additional brands being rolled out monthly.

CloudChefs is also supported by Samick’s Foods Inc. — a fully functioning production facility that already serves to support major restaurant brands within Canada and the U.S. What started as an opportunity to test a new concept has now shifted to helping restaurants survive economically through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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