Co-op Bypasses Raw Milk Ruling


VANCOUVER — The B.C. Supreme Court may have banned the sale of raw milk in its province, but that is not stopping Home on The Range Raw Milk Dairy co-op in Chilliwack, B.C. from continuing to bottle the white stuff.

“I delivered the milk [March 20], and I’sll be taking over the packaging and distribution,” co-op member Gordon Watson, was quoted by Global’s B.C. branch as saying.

The co-op is comprised of about 400 members who own shares in some 20 cows and pay the farm operator to mind the animals.

Last week, the court ruled that the diary was “willingly causing a health hazard,” by supplying members with unpasteurized milk, but Watson argues that the injunction doesn’t prevent the dairy’s owner from taking care of the cows.

According to Global, while preparing to appeal last week’s ruling, the co-op is organizing a letter-writing campaign to persuade government officials to change legislation that bans raw milk sales.


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