Coffee and Hospitality Businesses Launch the Global Coffee Institute


LONDON, Eng. — Major coffee and hospitality businesses, including Costa Coffee, Eversys, Alpro, Matthew Algie, Gruppo Cimbali, BRITA and JDE, have launched The Global Coffee Institute (GCI) as a platform to tackle industry issues, such as COVID-19, sustainability, diversity and staffing.

GCI’s mission is to provide an independent voice for the global coffee industry in shaping a sustainable and profitable future. Together, businesses will share best practice, inform key policy and generate business opportunities across key areas, including: vision leadership, skills and career development, climate change and sustainability, technology advances, supply chain and logistics, consumer and societal trends, fair, equal and best business practice, business risks and long-term COVID-19 impact.

“After nearly 25 years working in the coffee sector, I am proud to announce the launch of The Global Coffee Institute, in association with World Coffee Portal and some of the most progressive brands from our sector,” says Jeffrey Young, CEO and founder, Allegra Group. “In times of profound change and vast opportunity, never has it been so important for our industry to have access to independent, authoritative research and analysis, along with the sharing of industry knowledge for the benefit of our entire industry.”

“As we emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain focused on adapting to new consumer trends, habits and expectations,” says Adrian Cook, U.K. and Ireland Chief Operating Officer, Costa Coffee. “Across our industry we see many growth opportunities and potential headwinds that require clear thinking and insight to help us continue to delight our consumers. As such, we’re excited to join the GCI, which will provide us with a wealth of insight and experience that we can use to serve even more cups of great coffee, to more people, more often.”

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