Coming Soon: Blossom Dim Sum & Grill


VANCOUVER — Blossom Dim Sum & Grill is set to officially open in Vancouver on June 28. The restaurant and bar concept, created by Eric Yang (former general manager at Mott 32) will feature an “East meets West” menu, inspired by Vancouver’s multicultural identity.

“Vancouver is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and we wanted to bring this to life under one roof,” says Yang. “We want Blossom Dim Sum & Grill to be the go-to, accessibly priced restaurant for friends and families to come together — no matter their background — and enjoy delicious food.”

As Blossom’s executive chef Derek Bothwell’s diversified menu merges Asian dishes with West-Coast cuisine and cultures that define Vancouver into one dining experience.

“I’m all about pushing the limits when it comes to the menus I create,” says Bothwell. “I’m excited to share our multicultural menu with the city, as it offers a unique variety of food from Eastern to Western influences.”

Working alongside dim sum chef Jenson Ouyang and sushi chef Rex Yeung, the menu features handcrafted dim sum, grilled meats, fish and fresh sushi. Signature dishes include bison ribeye, sashimi crudo-style, lamb chops, sweet & sour pork and sablefish with rice cakes.

The second-floor restaurant spans 6,000 sq. ft. with a capacity of 180 seats and will feature an open-plan bar, dining area, private room and a 40-seat open-air patio. It also features 13 widescreen TVs and will host local musical artists weekly.

Blossom decor is a reflection of its concept. One of its stand-out features is its brightly coloured Chinese-parasol installation that hangs from the ceiling above guests in the dining room. The space also features a striking painting from prominent B.C. artist Tyler Toews.

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