Companies Respond to Plea from Foods Banks


OTTAWA — Companies around the country are stepping up and helping food banks after a nationwide plea for support.

The SAQ (Quebec’s government-owned liquor retailer) stepped up recently, announcing a $1-million donation to Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ).

“Today, more than ever, the SAQ is intent on supporting Quebecers,” says Catherine Dagenais, president and CEO, SAQ. “We’ve partnered with Food Banks of Quebec for more than a decade and believe it’s important to take action today, when needs are especially pressing and we’ve entered a period of great uncertainty. During our annual SAQ X FBQ fundraising campaigns, customers have always responded to our call with generosity. We encourage them to do the same now.”

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In addition to its donation, SAQ has pledged to give the FBQ the $12-delivery fee the store collects for every order submitted at

The SAQ also encourages it customers to support food banks by donating online through the FBQ website.

The Chicken Famers of Canada also announced it will be making a $20,000 cash donation to the Ottawa Food Bank to assist families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chicken Farmers of Canada has partnered with the Ottawa Food Bank since 2007.

“These are incredibly challenging times for all Canadians. We wanted to answer the call for help and pledge our support, in a meaningful way, to the city and region our staff call home,” says Benoit Fontaine, chair, Chicken Farmers of Canada.

‘We’re beyond grateful to have the continued support of the Chicken Farmers of Canada,” adds Michael Maidment, CEO, Ottawa Food Bank. “This gift is incredibly generous, and we’re touched they’re thinking of our community during a time of such uncertainty. This gesture is on top of the already substantial donation of chicken we regularly receive from the chicken farmers.”

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