Congratulations – Big Erics Restaurant Supply


This year, for the first time, the APEX SHOW included the Atlantic Canada Foodservice Industry Awards. The cocktail reception and award celebration was held at the Seasons by Atlantica on Sunday, April 15th, 2012.

Big Erics was voted as the winner of the Supplier of the Year Award. President Ed Stratton, accepted the Supplier of the Year Award with many of the Big Erics staff who was able to attend the show.

According to the ApEx website, the criteria for the award are as follows:

“The Supplier of the Year Award recognizes an individual or company in the foodservice industry who has consistently performed above and beyond the call of duty for their clients. The winner will be a person or organization that has excelled in providing unparalleled customer service, or a company that has developed a single product or line ofproducts that has revolutionized the foodservice industry. This award recognizes an important aspect of the foodservice industry – our valued suppliers.”

In the words of Big Erics President, Ed Stratton, ”This is quite an honour and recognition of the significant efforts by each and every one of [the Big Erics employees] to serve our customers by consistently going beyond the call of duty. This Award is even more significant when you consider we are competing not only against the Food Service Distributors but against all the food suppliers.”

Not all of the Big Erics employees were able to attend the show, of course; there are so many employees working hard behind the scenes that couldn’t make it, but helped make this distinction possible. The management of Big Erics would like to extend a huge thank you to the entire Big Erics staff!

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