Cook-It-Raw Collaborative Welcomes Canuck Chef; Launches First Public Event


TORONTO — This year the chefs involved in the renowned Cook-it-Raw collaborative have introduced the first Canadian toque to their ranks. Jeremy Charles, of St. John’s, N.L’s Raymonds Restaurant, will take part in this week’s hunting, fishing and harvesting trip in Charleston, S.C..

Meanwhile, the collaborative will host its first public event on Saturday, Oct. 26, with 10 Canadian chefs taking part, including Teddy Corrado (The Drake Hotel), Marc Lepine (Atelie), Bertrand Alépée (The Tempered Chef) and Amanda Ray (Biff’s Bistro).

“We are thrilled to have such a large and immensely talented group of Canadian chefs joining us for BBQ Perspectives,” said Alessandro Porcelli, director and founder of the Cook-it-Raw organization. “Their contribution to our burgeoning Raw Community is enormous and will set the standard for future participants; it’s an exciting time for us.”

Overall, BBQ Perspectives will feature more than 40 international chefs, showcasing local ingredients native to the Low-country region of South Carolina and the Sea Islands, including Carolina gold rice, wild fish, heritage breed animals and wild game.




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