Cook It Raw Explores Alberta Cuisine


LAC LA BICHE, Alta.― Cook It Raw has partnered with the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) for its eighth edition, running from May through September. The first gathering will take place in Lac La Biche (220 km northeast of Edmonton) from May 19 to 22 and will feature 14 local chefs.

The confirmed chef participants are: Brayden Kozak (Three Boars, Edmonton), Shane Chartrand (Sage Restaurant/River Cree, Enoch), Blair Lebsack (Rge Rd, Edmonton), Cam Dobranski (Brasserie Kensington, Calgary), Darren Maclean (Shokunin, Calgary), John MacNeil (Black Pig Bistro, Calgary), Connie DeSousa (Charcut Roast House, Calgary), Paul Rogalski (Rouge, Calgary), Scott Pohorelic (SAIT, Calgary), Duncan Ly (Yellow Door Bistro, Calgary), Liana Robberecht (Winsport, Calgary), Andrew Winfield (River Café, Calgary), Justin Leboe (Model Milk, Calgary) and Eden Hrabec (Crazyweed, Canmore).

“The distinctiveness of the Alberta landscape, its richly diverse population and the relative newness of its gastronomic culture all make for a compelling story that the culinary world will be eager to discover,” said Alessandro Porcelli, Cook It Raw director.

The first event will see The Cook It Raw team along with ACTA and the 14 local chefs convene in Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park to forage for local ingredients, explore wild game and fish. The group will also visit local farmers and producers, learning about edible plants and the flora and fauna unique to the area. They will also share their knowledge of local food traditions, techniques and ingredients and determine how these elements, along with new informati

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