Copper Branch Partners with The Ocean Cleanup


MONTREAL — Copper Branch has partnered with non-government organization, The Ocean Cleanup, to help reduce and clean the garbage polluting the world’s oceans. In honour of World Oceans Day, the Montreal-based restaurant chain has pledged to donate one per cent of sales from its plant-based Crab Cake Burgers this summer.

“What The Ocean Cleanup is doing to save our fragile seas is vital to the survival of the planet and its inhabitants,” says Rio Infantino, CEO of Copper Branch. “We at Copper Branch feel we have a duty as citizens of the world to align our values with those of organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup and we’re proud to do so.”

The Ocean Cleanup estimates that, with its revolutionary technology, it will be able to clean 50 per cent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every five years.

The new collaboration aligns with Copper Branch’s existing commitment to save rainforest lands, through its partnership with Rainforest Trust, which the company estimates has saved 1,100 acres.

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