Corby Launches Sustainability Pop-Up Bar


TORONTO — Corby Spirit and Wine will launch the first Sustainability Pop-Up Bar as part of its ninth-annual Responsib’All Day — featuring 27 bars and restaurants — on June 6.

“This year for Responsib’All Day we’re focusing on the importance of minimizing waste by drawing attention to the excess created in bars and restaurants every day. We’re proud to be working with Trash Tiki and the many venues across Canada who are joining us June 6 for the Sustainability Pop-Up Bar,” says Valerie Brive-Turtle, Corby’s director of Communications, Public Relations and S&R. “We’re committed to doing our part to protect the environment, while also using our partners and products to show how our industry can make a difference.”

For one night only, each participating venue will use easy recipes from anti-waste bartenders Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths of Trash Tiki. The duo has created a series of anti-waste cocktails made with leftovers found around the bar.

The theme — “Good Times from a Good Place” — aims to raise awareness or tackle issues related to food-waste management around the world.

Bars and restaurants participating in the Sustainability Pop-Up Experience include:

  • The Keefer Bar, Vancouver
  • Chambar, Vancouver
  • Clough Club, Vancouver
  • Proof, Calgary
  • Ayden Kitchen, Saskatoon
  • The Drake Hotel, Toronto
  • Death & Taxes, Toronto
  • Mahjong, Toronto
  • Poor Romeo, Toronto
  • Founder, Toronto
  • Pretty Ugly, Toronto
  • Civil Liberties, Toronto
  • Chantecler, Toronto
  • Miss Things, Toronto
  • Maple Leaf Tavern, Toronto
  • Borealis, Guelph, Ont.
  • Barraca, Montreal
  • The Coldroom, Montreal
  • Pub Burgundy Lion, Montreal
  • India Rosa, Montreal
  • Highwayman, Halifax
  • Merchant Tavern, St. John’s, N.L.

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