Corcelettes Estate Winery Announces Support for BCHF

Photo Courtesy: Corcelettes Estate Winery

VANCOUVER — Corcelettes Estate Winery is donating $1 from every bottle of wine sold in B.C. to the BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF).

“It’s heartwarming to see wineries step up to ensure our organization will continue to be around to support the most-vulnerable people in the local hospitality community. The generosity of the people and businesses in B.C. never ceases to amaze me,” says Dana Harris, executive director, BCHF.

The donations will continue until May 31 and will apply to all purchases in retail outlets as well as through licensees.

“In difficult times, it’s especially important not to forget those in the hospitality industry who may be facing serious health and financial issues, who are ambassadors of supporting local B.C. food and wine. They are the ‘boots on the ground,’ championing our wines while we’re back at the vineyard farming our grapes. It’s an honour to help where we can,” says Jesce Baessler, partner at Corcelettes Estate Winery.

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