Corporate Chefs Lead the ACF Chef Salary Survey


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — An American Culinary Federation (ACF) report has revealed that U.S. corporate executive chefs, managers and research chefs are the highest paid in the foodservice industry, with corporate executives and/or managers earning an average of US$97,000, research chefs earning US$90,000 and education administrators earning US$74,000.

“Even with the unsteady economic climate, the unemployment rate remains low for culinary professionals,” says Michael Ty, national president for ACF, while speaking about the “Salary Study, Salary Calculator,” which was conducted by Dublin, Ohio’s Industry Insights, Inc. Ty added: “Data also confirmed that those with ACF certification earn higher average total compensations.”

The study of more than 2,700 ACF members provides industry statistics on average salaries, length of work weeks, highest paying industry segments, gender-pay discrepancies and many other areas.

The report is free to ACF members who responded to the survey. Other members can access the calculator and a summary on The study calculator can also be purchased at the ACF e-Store.  

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