Cream of the Crop


CHICAGO — While Foodserviceworld has already provided a rundown of some of the top Canuck culinary trends for 2010, the National Restaurant Association’s version of a similar list lets us know what our southern neighbours are up to in plenty of time for the NRA show in Chicago from May 22 to 25.

Last October, 1,854 American Culinary Federation member chefs were surveyed and listed local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition as top trends. More specifically, nutritious kid meals, half-portions, farm-branded ingredients, gluten-free or allergy conscious meals and sustainable seafood, ranked among the top 10 trends.

“This is retro — it’s what we did in the past, when chefs relied on local markets because we did not have the luxury of today’s transportation system,” said Michael Ty, American Culinary Federation national president. “We are going back to our roots and the foundation of our craft that made it more pleasurable.”

For the complete survey, click here.


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