Creative Canadian Cuts


CALGARY — Canadian beef, and more specifically some of the underutilized cuts, will be on display this week at the American Chef’s Federation (ACF) National Conference, running from Aug. 2 to 5 at the Anaheim Marriott in California.

Canada’s Beef Information Centre (BIC) is on the agenda, with a presentation titled “Lean on Beef – Culinary Options in Challenging Economic Times,” which will showcase how Canadian beef can evolve to meet the changing needs of diners in various menu applications.

Canadian chef Michael Allemeier, former Winery Chef at the world-renown Mission Hill Winery, popular TV host and speaker, will provide insight into what guests are looking for as well as ideas for the modern menu.

The 90-minute session will explore how to build menus and dishes that “redefine” the classic presentation of beef to meet these challenging economic times, as recipes include some interesting and overlooked beef cuts.

The Beef Information Centre is the market development division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, representing Canada’s 80,000 beef producers.


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