CRFA Endorses Healthy Living Strategy


TORONTO — The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association’s (CRFA) board of directors recently endorsed a ‘Healthy Living Strategy’ as a key national policy priority.

The association’s strategy is timely considering increasing obesity rates, particularly with children. In Canada, the medical, economic and social costs of overeating and sedentary lifestyles have spurred governments to demand action. In fact, recently, the foodservice industry collaborated with the food-processing sector, the federal government and other stakeholders to develop a national sodium-reduction strategy with the goal to lower Canadians’ daily sodium intake levels from 3400 mg to 2300 mg.

Given that health-care costs are increasing across the country, and consumer activism is fuelling more interest in healthy eating, the CRFA plans to continue its collaboration with government, non-governmental organizations, public-health advocacy stakeholders and members to ensure Canadians have the tools to make knowledgeable choices that meet their individual needs.


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