Cronut Burger Under Investigation After 34 People Became Ill at CNE


TORONTO — Epic Burger’s Cronut Burger is under an investigation at Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), following 34 reports of foodborne illness.

“Samples of that food have been sent to the Public Health laboratory for sampling; they will take a few days to get results,” said Dr. Lisa Berger, associate medical officer of Health, adding that it’s unclear what food source sold the food that made patrons ill.

Toronto Public Health inspectors have launched an investigation and have taken samples and inspected kitchens in all QSR outlets at the food building.

“The Exhibition is not a place to come and get sick…. We don’t like this, and we want to do whatever is necessary to prevent this from happening in the future,” David Bednar, executive director of the CNE, said in a statement.

The food outlet, which sells the Cronut Burger — a beef patty sandwiched between a doughnut/croissant hybrid — was voluntarily closed as a precaution and won’t re-open until public health inspectors give the all clear.




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