Customers Asked to Sign “Contract” at U.S. Restaurant


WASHINGTON — The owners at Rogue24, a Washington-based restaurant, have introduced a two-page reservation agreement that critics are calling a contract.

“[These policies] are not to be arrogant or mean, we’re really just trying to [provide] a great experience for everyone who comes,” RJ Cooper, the owner and chef of the restaurant, is quoted as saying in the Globe and Mail about the form that asks for party size, customer allergies and preferences.

The document, which was published online on the foodie blog Eater DC has a number of stipulations, including a cancellation policy with strict penalty fees, along with rules against cellphone and camera use in the dining room.

According to Cooper, the policies have not deterred diners at the restaurant, which attracts a full house all week with menus that include rose veal with pickles, wheat germ and sumac as well as foie gras with wild berry.

Due to the controversy surrounding the two-page contract, the reservation agreement was revised today, Aug. 17, into a “new questionnaire,” with more relaxed policies for cancellations or late arrivals.

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