CWB Franchise Finance Partners with Prime Capital Investments


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — CWB Franchise Finance has partnered with Prime Capital Investments, which provides $6 million to structure its term debt and re-capitalize its shares. The partnership was facilitated between CWB Franchise Finance and Raimondo Messina, CPA, CA, from Dream Hospitality Group.

“This deal is an example of CWB’s ability to deliver personalized financial solutions to clients through complex scenarios involving numerous stakeholders in a very specialized sector of hospitality,” says Dimitri Mazur, senior manager, Restaurants, CWB Franchise Finance. “While we know that the competitive terms of the deal are important in any agreement, the deal could not have been completed without our longstanding relationship with industry leaders like Raimondo Messina.”

“Elevating our partnership with CWB owes to the value of their knowledge and expertise in the hospitality and beverage industry,” says Messina, who also serves as VP of Finance for Prime Capital Investments. “Their ability to tailor the terms of this structured term loan shows that we have a true partner in Canadian hospitality that has only strengthened as we continue to grow.”

“Growing Prime Capital Investments and our beverage line with our new partners was made possible by CWB’s specialized financing expertise,” says Olivier Primeau, president of Prime Capital Investments. “A financial partner like CWB, with their 20-plus years of experience partnering with the restaurant, brewing and hospitality industry, is essential to the success of our business.”

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