Dark Table Restaurant to Open in Calgary


CALGARY — Dark Table, a restaurant that has patrons served meals by visually impaired servers and have their meals in the dark, will be opening in downtown Calgary on Oct. 18.

The experience is meant to enhance a diner’s less dominant senses, such as smell and taste, while at the same time offering awareness of what it’s like to live without sight. The concept has proven successful in Montreal, Vancouver, London, Paris, Zurich, New York and Los Angeles.

“It is a very unique dining experience and gets you to appreciate your vision,” says owner and founder of Dark Table, Moe Alameddine.

Without the sense of sight, the senses of touch, taste, hearing and smell are intensified. Diners are even encouraged to eat with their hands if utensils start getting in the way.

Opening its doors at 731 6th Ave. SW, Dark Table Calgary will begin hiring visually impaired guide servers closer to its opening night, as well as a full slate of chefs, bartenders and host staff.

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