Dave Mottershall Crowdfunds to Take Loka Snacks to The Next Level


TORONTO — Chef Dave Mottershall, who operates Loka Snacks out of Riverside’s Hi-Lo Bar in Toronto, wants to open his own restaurant, with help from the public.

With endorsements from high-profile chefs such as Rob Gentile and Michael Smith, Mottershall is seeking crowdfunding through his Kickstarter campaign to help raise $25,000 for his restaurant concept, Loka.

“The plan is to open a small, 25 to 30 seat restaurant with an open concept that could be called a modern diner — cooking in front of guests behind a bar. You can ask questions, or just sit back and relax,” Mottershall stated on his Kickstarter page. “The philosophy is always food first. We want people to feel the connection to everything we serve, the farmers, producers and amazing artisans in Canada.”

So far he has raised $17,666, with 26 more days to go. To view the Loka Kickstarter, click here.

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