David’s Tea Celebrates 10th Anniversary


TORONTO — David’s Tea is celebrating its 10th anniversary by partnering with chef and TV personality Eden Grinshpan to develop a range of new recipes featuring the company’s tea blends.

“I was thrilled to partner with David’s Tea on this project in celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary,” says Grinshpan. “Tea is an incredibly versatile ingredient and I love incorporating tea in my recipes. David’s Tea’s vast selection of blends lend perfectly to sweet and savoury dishes, cocktails and pair wonderfully with all aspects of a meal.”

As part of the partnership, Grinshpan and Billy Dietz, manager of Tea Research and Development at David’s Tea, co-created a special tea-inspired menu consisting of unique tea pairings and infusions. The recipes were recently presented to media and influencers in an intimate dinner setting on the Thompson Hotel Rooftop in Toronto. A full list of recipes is available on the David’s Tea blog.

The brand has also introduced a special 10th-anniversary collection featuring signature tea blends and iconic first-to-market hard goods, such as its tea press.

Since opening the first location in Toronto’s Queen-West neighbourhood in 2008, David’s Tea has grown its market presence to more than 240 retail locations in Canada and U.S.

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