De Dutch Partners with Egg Farmers of Canada to Bring EQA Certification to its Restaurants in Western Canada


OTTAWA — Egg Farmers of Canada is partnering with De Dutch to bring the Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) certification mark to its menus at its restaurants throughout B.C. and Alberta.

“We’re thrilled that De Dutch is embracing the EQA certification mark, showcasing their dedication to sourcing fresh, high-quality Canadian eggs,” says Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada. “The support that De Dutch has shown for Canada’s local farmers who work hard every day to produce eggs to world-class standards is sincere and helps spotlight how, in an age where we want to know where our food comes from, made-in-Canada food is valued and sought by discerning customers. The leadership of De Dutch in embracing EQA serves as an example to others looking to build trust with their customers, work with Canadian suppliers and strengthen the connection between what’s produced at the local farm level and what’s served up at their restaurants.”

“De Dutch’s mission, to ‘earn tomorrow’s guests today’ is bounded by our commitment to upholding quality of food — and quality food is something that our customers have come to expect,” says Bill Waring, president of De Dutch. “Sourcing local, sustainably sourced Canadian products such as eggs and supporting our community’s farmers in the process is a natural extension of this commitment and our overall mission. We’re proud to work with our suppliers and organizations like Egg Farmers of Canada, who continue to uphold leading food safety and animal welfare standards.

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