December 2022 Digital Issue


The arrival of December signals the kick off to the holiday season and also marks the last issue of the year for Foodservice and Hospitality. As our Pinnacle Awards issue, this edition profiles five shining stars from Canada’s dynamic foodservice and hospitality industry. This year’s collection of winners include: Mary Brown’s Chicken; White Spot Restaurants; Teatro Restaurant Group; chef Michael Smith and leading supplier Lactalis Canada. Find out what makes these companies and individuals successful and how they’ve managed to remain relevant for many decades.

Additionally, in this issue we report on the Women in Tourism & Hospitality annual summit held this past fall; and we also take a look at comprehensive changes to the fine-dining sector, fuelled by COVID; as well as the continuing popularity of equipment such as Combi-Ovens; new technology such as Virtual Reality and the continued popularity of spirits.  We hope you enjoy the issue. Happy Reading.

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