Disloyalty Encouraged


TORONTO — A group of independent coffee shop owners are set to offer customers “disloyalty cards” in a bid to rally more support for small operations while promoting community and quality coffee, according to a recent Toronto Star article.

Mercury Espresso Bar, Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Sam James Coffee Bar, Crema Coffee Co., Manic Coffee, Lit Espresso Bar and Blondie’s Coffee Bar are part of the aptly named Toronto Coffee Conspiracy that requires customers buy coffee (brewed or espresso based) from all seven shops before earning a complimentary beverage at the original point of purchase.

The disloyalty card first took off in Britain where it was the brainchild of 2009 World Barista champion, Gwilym Davies. Matthew Taylor, the co-owner of Mercury Espresso Bar, got the innovator’s blessing to borrow the idea.

“We just want to show people it’s a tight-knit, and not negative or competitive, industry,” Taylor was quoted as saying in the Star. “We want to get together and show people there is fun in our community.”

The program begins April. 20.

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