Domino’s Releases 2022 Stewardship Report

Domino’s Stewardship Report

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Domino’s Pizza Inc. has published its 2022 corporate stewardship report. The report includes updates on the pathways that continue to be developed to meet future goals, which were first introduced in Domino’s 2021 report.

The report includes new 2030 inclusivity goals around representation of diverse talent. Other key highlights include updates on efforts to have carbon footprint goals officially validated by the SBTi, including goals for reductions in Scope one, two and three emissions, as well as reductions in forest, land, agriculture (FLAG) emissions, according to new SBTi guidelines. Additionally, the report includes a summary of Domino’s new consumer pizza box recycling campaign as part of its sustainable packaging efforts.

“Domino’s stewardship journey is being integrated into the fundamental aspects of what we do as a brand, as we continue to work to establish a long-term sustainable business, where the environment can thrive as our business grows,” says Russell Weiner, CEO of Domino’s. “Our report provides updates on our commitment to ‘put people first’ with new measurements and goals. We continue to believe there are synergies between doing the right thing for our team members and the environment, while also doing the best thing for our business.”

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