Dougiedog Celebrates St. Paddy’s with Green Buns


VANCOUVER — Dougiedog, a popular hot dog restaurant in Vancouver, is getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by serving its gourmet hot dogs on green buns.  

“Being of Irish descent, I had to mark the occasion with something special,” said proprietor, entrepreneur and comedian Dougieluv, in a press release.

The green buns are available all day on dougiedog hot dogs, including the popular Super Mario Dog (featuring a jalapeno and cheese-infused wiener), Seoul Dog (with Korean BBQ beef and kimchi) and the big 12-inch Westender.

Dougiedog’s all-natural wieners are noted for the unique “snap” sensation they make when customers bite into them, which Dougieluv says is an identifying characteristic of a quality dog. His are made from premium, hormone-free, grain-fed meat raised and processed in B.C.’s Fraser Valley.

Last year, dougieluv’s visited 65 hot dog restaurants from LA to New York, returning to Vancouver with more than 20 of North America’s tastiest hot dog recipes. The trip was also the basis for a documentary film due out later this spring.


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