DQ Raises $2M for Charity


TORONTO — Dairy Queen celebrated another successful Miracle Treat Day at the eighth annual charity drive in early August that raised more than $2 million to support the Children’s Miracle Network.  

“We are so thankful for the kindness and commitment of the Dairy Queen franchisees who voluntarily give the proceeds of their Blizzard sales on Miracle Treat Day,” said John Hartman, chief international officer, Children’s Miracle Network. “Every time someone buys a Blizzard on Miracle Treat Day, they are helping miracles come to life at each of Canada’s 14 children’s hospitals by funding medical care, research and education.”

More than 600 Canadian DQ franchisees took part in the special day that led to the sale of 600,000 blizzards. “We are always overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and dedication on Miracle Treat Day, and the results continue to surpass our expectations year after year,” said Denise Hutton, vice-president of Marketing for the restaurant chain.


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