Earls Kitchen + Bar First to Serve Only Certified Humane Beef


VANCOUVER — Following a month-long certification process, Earls Kitchen + Bar has become the first restaurant chain in North America to serve 100 per cent certified humane beef.

This certification is granted to restaurants serving beef raised without the use of antibiotics or steroids. Earls has been working towards this goal as part of its commitment to conscious sourcing.

“We asked ourselves could we be 100 per cent consciously sourced, certified humane, antibiotic-free, steroid-free, local, even organic?” says Earls’ president Mo Jessa. “We took a step back and fully realized the positive impact we could make within our industry by not only having one restaurant follow these principles, but by having our entire company follow these principles.”

Earls received this certification by working closely with its beef and product suppliers on the ground level.

It has also committed to using only free-range chickens, cage-free eggs, Ocean Wise and MSC-certified seafood, Quebec organic maple syrup, recyclable, compostable and environmental products as well as implementing a composting program. In addition, its construction projects use only LEED gold standards as its goal.


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