Earls Simplifies Wine


VANCOUVER — In an attempt to make wine as accessible as possible, Earl’s Restaurants has announced the launch of the Earls Wine Club, an online community for wine enthusiasts.

By flashing the Earls Wine Club free membership card, customers are subject to perks like free

V.I.P. tours at designated wineries as well as a range of resources on its website. They can sign up to use the extensive wine dictionary, check out the Food & Wine Pairing section — which matches Earls dishes with three wines — or find an answer to wine related questions in the Ask Earl section.

“I think this will be a great program for wine lovers,” says George Piper, director of Wine Experience, Earls Restaurants. “We want people to understand that wine doesn’st have to be complicated and that the best way to get to know wine is by drinking it. The Earls Wine Club makes wine accessible to amateur wine enthusiasts, while giving aficionados an online stomping ground.”

The Earls Wine Club site also suggests wines for every budget as chosen by an expert panel, including Vancouver Sun columnist, Anthony Gismondi; award-winning food and travel writer, Kasey Wilson; and the visionary of the wine program at Earls, George Piper.

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