Eat Beyond Portfolio Company Nabati Foods Wins Best Plant-Based Burger Award


VANCOUVER — Nabati Foods’ Nabati Chick’n Burger, Eat Beyond’s portfolio company, has been named the best plant-based burger by Eat This, Not That! at its fifth annual food awards.

“Nabati Foods’ Nabati Chick’n Burger has been a long-time customer favourite,” says Michael Aucoin, CEO of Eat Beyond. “The plant-based burger category is highly competitive, and I believe that Nabati Foods has been able to rise to the top of this category because it refuses to stray from its values that focus on creating healthy, delicious, plant-based foods that everyone can enjoy. There are many plant-based burgers that rank high on taste, but low on the nutritional value and lack a clean ingredient list. The Nabati Chick’n Burger is a clean, delicious and truly versatile option in the category, and the whole team is very proud of this product.”

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