Edmonton Craft Brewer Petitions City Hall


EDMONTON — An Edmonton craft brewer has petitioned the municipality in an effort to ease development permits for the city’s craft brewing sector. Currently, small-scale craft brewers have a difficult time obtaining development permits to operate in the city’s entertainment districts, which include commercial and industrial zones.

Situation Brewing owner Wayne Sheridan opened his business in Old Strathcona last month, but found the permitting process had too much red tape after he applied for a development permit, which took four months to obtain.

“We received general support from the city, although it seemed unnecessarily complicated,” Sheridan told CBC News. “Brewing as a use category seemed to only be possible in industrial zoned buildings, which definitely did not fit the business model of the brew pub. Eventually they seemed to buy into it … and eventually did find a way to make it possible for us in the building we’re operating out of right now.”

Edmonton city councilor Scott McKeen said a revamped permit process for small-scale breweries could aid in their creation and operation. “There’s the potential to create interesting little niche dining and drinking spots, raise the quality and caliber of hospitality in Edmonton and create a level of vibrancy on streets… with cool new brew pubs,” he said.

However, McKeen said a public consultation hearing will need to take place before zoning bylaws can change.

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