Egg Farmers of Canada Named One of Canada’s Top Youth Employers


OTTAWA — Egg Farmers of Canada has been named one of the country’s top youth employers. 

The award recognizes employers who offer some of the best workplaces and programs for young people looking to start their careers. 

“Our organization takes great pride in being among the ranks of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People,” says Tim Lambert, CEO, Egg Farmers of Canada. “We recognize the immense value of having young people join our workplace and offer a tailored approach to support their professional growth.”

Some of the programs offered by Egg Farmers of Canada include a leadership-development course and in-house training services, as well as networking and wellness activities such as the Coffee with the CEO program and monthly yoga classes. 

“Knowledgeable and engaged people positively affect the long-term sustainability of our industry, and we’ve shaped our employee-driven programs to empower our team accordingly,” says Lambert. 

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