El Bulli Auction Expected to Raise $1.5 Million


HONG KONG — Scores of El Bulli wines and other items from the coveted restaurant will be sold this month at an auction benefiting the newly created el Bulli Foundation. The two auctions will take place in April, first in Hong Kong, and the second in New York.

The fabled wine cellar from the world famous Spanish restaurant — helmed by chef Ferran Adrià and known for its cutting-edge gastronomy — will be up for bids tomorrow in Hong Kong.

“El Bulli restaurant is transforming into the el Bulli Foundation,” said Ferran Adrià. “Thanks to this sale our gastronomic creativity can continue. Due to the transformation of el Bulli, from a restaurant to a foundation, we decided this very special and personal collection should be used [for] the successful launch of the el Bulli Foundation.”

Thousands of bottles of wine will be sold — more than 2,000 bottles of Spanish wine alone, estimated at more than $250,000, will be auctioned. Other lots include more than 1,400 bottles of red burgundy valued at $400,000; 1,000 bottles of white burgundy estimated to be worth $200,000 and multiple offerings of rare Oloroso and Solera sherry dating back to 1830.

“Those lucky enough to have dined at el Bulli will never forget the extraordinary sensations laid before us,” said Serena Sutcliffe M.W., head of International Wine, at Sotheby’s. “The extra ingredient in these meals was the intuitive and phenomenally interesting wine list. We’re delighted to bring these wines to auction so collectors all over the world can share the enchantment of el Bulli.”

Unique items including lunch with Adrià himself will also be sold. New lots include four El Bulli chef’s jackets signed by the chef, a selection of menus, wine lists and assorted stationery, and a set of El Bulli knives valued at $5,000.

The second auction scheduled for April 26 in New York, is expected to thrill both oenophiles and aficionados seeking artifacts from one of the world’s most influential restaurants.

Under the leadership of Ferran Adrià and partner Juli Soler, el Bulli changed culinary history by reinventing ingredients, creating new taste sensations, flavour profiles and food combinations. Over the years, El Bulli has received many accolades. It was also named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants five times (Restaurant Magazine),earning chef Adrià the distinction of the world’s greatest chef.

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