Emerging Channels Poised to Heat Up Competition


CHICAGO — A new report from Technomic has found that emerging channels are delivering a new wave of competition for Canada’s traditional foodservice operators.

The 2019 Canadian Emerging Channels Consumer Trend Report investigates the impact emerging channels such as food halls, food trucks, ‘eatertainment’ and meal kits will have on restaurants going forward.

While usage of these channels is currently low overall, they hold strong appeal for younger consumers. This, combined with future expansion, means these emerging channels are poised to steal share from restaurants moving forward.

“For younger consumers, a wider variety of need states, compared to older consumers, and a greater willingness to experiment and try new things leads to greater usage of emerging channels,” explains Bret Yonke, manager of Consumer Insights at Technomic. “Moving forward, the broad nature of these channels means competition on multiple fronts. Food halls and food trucks will be the greatest threat for lunch occasions, while eatertainment and meal kits will challenge for dinner dollars.”

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