Experts Predict Worst Wine Harvest In Europe In Half A Century


BRUSSELS, Belgium — Drought, hail and cold weather have damaged European grapes this year,
leading to the worst harvest in years, according to the European Union’s farmers’s union.

“Two big producing nations, France and Italy, have not known a harvest so weak in 40 to 50 years,”
Thierry Coste of the European Union’s farmers’s union was quoted as saying by the

“All the major producing nations have been hurt.” Coste warned that France’s harvest could be down 20
per cent, while Italy’s grape crop could decline seven per cent. Champagne and Burgundy regions
were most affected, with Chardonnay grapes faring the worst.

While some vintners didn’t harvest this year, others have said that due to the limited supply and
higher concentration, they expect to produce high-quality wine.

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