F&H Highlights Products From the 2013 NAFEM Show


Smoking Hot

Rational’s VarioSmoker is a new combi-steamer accessory that smokes meat, fish and vegetables using wood chips or pellets, which impart a smoked taste. Through variation in temperature and preparation time, chefs can control the flavour and intensity of foods. The machine allows them to cook and smoke food simultaneously, saving time, space and money.

Rational USA


Heat Savvy

The new energy-saving Electric Salamander cooks, grills, reheats and keeps food hot. Made of stainless steel, the unit comes with three high-powered infrared ribbon-heating elements; its cook function uses overhead heating to cook food, while its hold function has eight programmable levels to heat at a lower intensity. It features a touch-control panel, a removable cooking grate and drip tray, an adjustable hood and wall-mounting hardware.

Hatco Corporation


Carte Blanche

The new Combo Cart Plus by Cambro holds sheet pans, GN food pans, trays and even pizza boxes while maintaining food quality and texture. The high-density polyurethane insulation inside the cabinet means hot food can be held out of the danger zone for up to four hours, even when the machine is unplugged. It’s available in two sizes — tall, with two separate compartments, or small, with a single compartment.

Cambro Manufacturing


Flow Freely

The EC-3122 above-deck electronic sensor faucet offers a manual mixing valve built into the faucet body. It also features above-the-deck electronics and programmable controls, such as a shut-off delay function, auto timeout, sensor range and auto flush. The electronic faucet comes with a plug-in wall transformer with a split tail and battery-power option.

T&S Brass


Single Serve

The Multiplex Blend-in-Cup beverage dispensing system automatically portions and dispenses blended beverages in the cup. It uses ice, syrup, mix and dairy-based ingredients to make smoothies, frappés, blended ice drinks and more. Its icon-based touch screen contributes to faster drink selections, lower potential food waste and better inventory-management.



Get The Scoop

The NEO is an all-in-one, under-the-counter ice-making and storage solution, producing 33 lbs. more ice than existing Manitowoc Ice models over a 24-hour period. It consumes 10 per cent less energy, uses 22 per cent less water than existing models and features icons that give operator feedback about issues such as cleaning and service. The machine’s scoop design has a full-comfort grip handle.

Manitowoc Ice


Clean Machine

The Blodgett BX-14SC is a
self-cleaning combi oven with an easy-to-clean feature, using one or two packets of soap and only five gallons of water per cleaning. The combi oven offers many programs to suit various cleaning requirements.



Shake it Up

The new Electro Freeze 5-Flavor Shake Machine CS705 is a gravity shake freezer featuring five-flavour injection, with no CO2 required. Designed for back-of-the-house operation and fast service, the machine boosts profit margins up to 80 per cent. Benefits include quick connections for vendor syrup bottles, easy syrup adjustments and fewer parts to disassemble and clean.

Electro Freeze

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