Fairmont Royal York Reveals New Dining Venues


TORONTO — Fairmont Royal York has announced the debut of two new food-and-beverage venues — Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails and Reign. The venues will open June 11 as part of the hotel’s grand celebration for its 90th anniversary.

“Fairmont Royal York has always been home to notable culinary and cocktail offerings throughout our long history. We’re excited to introduce two new food-and-beverage venues that usher in a new era of dining at our hotel, while remaining true to our esteemed past,” says Edwin Frizzell, regional VP and GM at the Fairmont Royal York. “Reign pays tribute to our royal roots in its namesake and design and is set to elevate our dining experience through a Canadian-inspired brasserie with a modern take on French traditional cuisine; Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails will be the heartbeat of our famed property.”

Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails will offer elegant champagne and cocktail experiences, serving everything from bubbles to international wines. The venue — designed by New York-based architecture firm, Rockwell Group — will also offer specially crafted cocktails and a variety of foods. Rus Yessenov will be at the helm of the lobby lounge and will take classic cocktail recipes and infuse them with modern flavours.

“As each decade sees a new era of taste and flavour, it was no small task to infuse 90 years of industry trends and modern classics into a tailored story for the prestigious property,” says Yessenov, director of Mixology at the Fairmont Royal York. “I’m confident Toronto cocktail lovers will appreciate and enjoy our exclusive array of the world’s finest champagne and cocktail creations.”

Featuring an iconic clock tower created by the U.S-based Electric Time Company, the two-sided “90th-Anniversary Clock” will showcase a constellation clock, while the other side will display a classic motif that rotates within a night-sky-inspired glass panel. With a deep-sunset colour palette and locally supplied statement furniture, the lounge sets the tone of sophistication.

Steps away from the grand lobby space will be Reign, the hotel’s signature dining venue. The restaurant, bar and bakery will deliver three culinary experiences, blending together daily must-haves and classic culinary techniques with modern food trends.

“We’re thrilled to bring our guests a fresh, truly Canadian farm-to-table dining experience with the help of our many producers. Local ingredients and sustainability is our main focus in furthering the hotel’s promise to source locally and we couldn’t do it without our farmers,” says JW Foster, executive chef at Fairmont Royal York. “Serving everything from lobster and steak to specialty French fries and Newfoundland cod, we’ve drawn inspiration from Canada’s roots, coast to coast.”

Standout design elements include a custom mural depicting a traditional English garden; a fireplace; an intimate bar with a grand piano; and a curated art collection with authentic collectable items.

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